Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 160: Training in progress…

Kinuhata Saiai turned green, then white and finally red when she heard what  Wu Yan said. Her mouth kept opening and closing but no words came out.

Wu Yan grinned at her and placed his hand on her belly. He fondled her with her clothes as the only separation between him and her skin. He made sure she can feel him caressing her as he blew air past her ears.

“You tell me, where should I begin hmm?…”

“Noooo! You super must not~~~”

Kinuhata Saiai panicked and as much as she wanted to shake her head, she didn’t have the strength to do so. With her back facing Wu Yan, she can’t see his expression and she can only cry out like that on the ground while narrowing her eyes.


Wu Yan smiled.

“If you won’t say it, I guess I will just have to decide for you!”

His big hands started gradually moving up along her shirt. She felt her movement and her small heart started racing. At the spur of the moment, she became unable to react.

Even if a journey is far and tedious, if one knew how to walk then arriving at the destination is just a matter of time. Plus, between her chest and her belly, with her tiny frame, how far could the journey be?

He started rubbing her soft and petite boobies under the trembling “welcome” of the modest twin hills.

Kinuhata Saiai blushed a crimson red. Nobody ever touched that place before, now that place of hers that even she herself didn’t touch much is under the palms of another man. Her brain had a short circuit from thinking about this.

Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou flushed deep red and stared in deep shock at what is happening before them. The present situation is too exciting for them to process…

But of course, they are slightly curious as well judging by how they kept sneaking a peek from the corners of their eyes at Wu Yan and Kinuhata Saiai….

Right now, Wu Yan’s other hand started finding its way onto Kinuhata Saiai’s seductive thighs. He started rubbing her thighs and his hand that is busy teasing her petite chest sped up further. Kinuhata Saiai started uttering muffled “Ngh Nmh” sounds as a result.

While still fondling her, he sighed.

“And you say you’re not a little girl, just look at your size, haiz…”

“Ha~~ If you’re that disappointed~~mgh~~then don’t super touc~~ huuhuu….”

Kinuhata Saiai really detested the term little girl, even while one of her citadels got conquered, she still can put up a protest despite blushing and moaning.

“Ma. Although your size is a bit of a letdown, let’s see if the aspects are okay…”

Her glazed over eyes had a hint of confusion when she heard him but soon enough she didn’t even have the spare capacity to think about it…

He removed the hand he placed on her chest and returned his hand to her belly. Under her surprised expression, he lifted up her shirt and his hand crept in.

“Super nooo! Ugh~~”

Her moans escaped after her protest. What followed those moans are more moans…

He inserted her 2 hands into her clothes and started feeling her up. He opened his palms and gave them titties a good squeezing. He has got to admit though her hooters are small, they are smooth and soft, quite pleasing to the touch…

“Uu~~ sniffle~~ You super~~ hentai~~”

Kinuhata Saiai can feel the heat coming from Wu Yan’s big palms, they were transmitted to her through the point of contact and her heart throbbed as she fell into the deep embrace of a mysterious sensation.

The moans escaping her made her feel very bashful just by hearing them. She couldn’t believe these kind of sounds are coming out from her…

Wu Yan narrowed her eyes and glanced at the figure that would move up and down along with his movements before whispering into her ears.

“Oh? Could it be that you’re not enjoying this?”

“Wh-who would… enjoy this.. Uugh~~Even if it’s a super good feeling…”

She stuttered along her lines as she closed her eyes. That’s because she felt that talking is becoming even more difficult.

“You don’t like it huh, well then…”

Removing one hand, he caressed her thighs and moved upwards and inwards.

“How about here?”

“Ugh… You super can’t touch there…”

Putting up a feeble resistance, she failed to stop his advancement and the hand reached the innermost part of her inner thighs, he then gave it a mighty push.

“Uwa! That’s a su-super low blow…”

Kinuhata Saiai opened her eyes in a hurry and revealed a pair of moist eyes.

Wu Yan snickered, he then saw Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou collapsed not far away from them. He saw them peeking at them and he had an idea. Promptly, he removed his hands. With the invading objects gone, Kinuhata Saiai let out a sigh of relief but she can’t explain the vague feeling of reluctance in her heart. But, what happened next froze her and turned dismissed that feeling of reluctance.


Before she can do anything, her clothing started coming off. He stripped her bare in lightning quick motions until she’s nothing but a bare young lamb ready for the slaughter.

“I-I super knew it. You super lewd animal, of course you super wouldn’t let me go, so you’ve finally super lost your control. Uuuu, I am about to be defiled by a super lolicon…”

Without the strength to even cover up herself, she lamented like a poor little lamb she is. He felt his lips twitching and even his viewing pleasure decreased significantly. He reached towards the innermost region of her thighs and he slightly stuck his finger in!

“Mgh! Nn~~”

Kinuhata Saiai who howled sadly now had an odd blush to her rippling expression. Her moans didn’t stop at just this as her tender moans started filling the area…

Wu Yan didn’t lose control like she said. He didn’t have the heart to devour these 3 girls who he just met today. This time, it was more punishment than anything.

Of course, any normal person would call giving them who he just met today this level of teasing is just plain shameless..

He moved his hand up and down her body, caressing here and there. His other hand would tease away at a certain exciting place. He appeared very diligent in his teasing. Having never encountered this kind of feelings before, Kinuhata Saiai got fondled so hard she started going into fits of pleasure with the skills Wu Yan learned from practicing on Mikoto and Hinagiku. Pleasure started transmitting to every part of her body, she felt both drunk and deeply entrenched in the feeling.

Jolts of electricity would knock on the door to her heart. Every time it hit, she would panic and as Wu Yan started becoming even more vigorous, this intense feeling of being electrified would grow stronger and stronger just as the door to her heart started growing weaker and weaker.

Finally, an unknown surge of feeling hit her and she opened her eyes wide. She was filled with surprise, her body is now tinged with lustrous shades of pink. A sudden feeling of leaking shook her heart to its core!

“Wait wait… I super said wait~~~”

Kinuhata Saiai is very afraid of this sensation. It’s like she’s floating in midair with no thrust and no ability to fly, she felt like she could fall down intensely any moment now and her lips started trembling.

He had seen this happening on Mikoto countless times before. How can Wu Yan not know what is happening? He ignored her resistance and increased his speed even further!

“Uuuu~~ Ughhh~ Nhhh~~ Wah!!!”

It sounded like a mix of scream of both pain and pleasure, a paradoxical sound came out of her mouth unbridled even if she tried to do so. As she cried out, a feeling of intense rapture hit her like a storm!


She fell down from heaven and back into her body. She closed her eyes while still letting out weak whimper escape from her lips like she’s still recalling what just happened. And then, she lost her senses for quite some time…