holy prison chapter 3: The opening of holy prison

“Damn, it seems I won’t be able to visit Wang Jia’s home.” Chu Feng stepped forward, and instantly he felt pain fromm all over his body, even though at that time it was only a while, but with 4 people attacking him, the total hits tallied in the dozens, even if the knife wound is gone, all over his body, there isn’t one place that doesn’t hurt.

Looking over his current attire, Chu Feng dismissed the notion of going to Wang Jia’s home. His attire was dirtied all over, and the blood from before, has now stained a good part of his pants, if he were to run to Wang Jia’s home like this, even if she wanted to change her testimony seeing his current appearance she would be too afraid to change it now.

“Master, I wonder what’s on your mind”. The sound rang in his mind. The sound resounding multiple times notwithstanding, Chu Feng still felt weird at this sound. ”What’s the holy prison, what uses does it have?” Chu Feng lightly said.

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