Migrating over to ebisu translation.

dark/light theme switch

automated chapter navigation links.

automated toc chapter updating.

Many other benefits.

Price: My soul to the tech overlords.

Btw just made my first post and page over there so ya’ll might wanna check it out. Having said that, this site may still be used for posting nsfw chapters. Not much is going to change except some stuff might be wonky but should be fixed in no time. Not by me tho, by this guy total perv by the way so send him money to buy doujins or links to teehees if you know what i mean.

Heya! The site is going to move!

Hi! I am the other person on this site, though the only reason I’m even on here is because the overlord is watching anime translating and is too busy to write this!

Now, why are you getting this? Well duh. Read the title. This site is moving to lainconnue.ebisutranslations.com.

You may have heard about this in his TL note at the beginning of the latest chapter of Holistic Fantasy. But yes, the new site will have automated chapter navigation links. As a reader myself, I was willing to abuse that CTRL+V for the sake of everyone—err, more like I was sick and tired of having to scroll down on the NU page to get to the next chapter.

Not as important, but the ToCs will actually have chapters in them (automatically updated) and there will be a dark/light theme switching button along with a text size changer. Sounds nice, right?

Well, chapters have already been moved over to the new site, and future chapters will be posted there. If you wish to keep getting your Chinese-or-Japanese-I-don’t-know-at-this-point-anymore novels, please enter your email onto the subscribe button on the new site!


Not a chapter.

Ch11 of holistic fantasy is indeed missing and it’s an oversight on my part. Very sorry and I will translate ch11 asap and post it. It’s really busy irl so might need to wait until Saturday. Also those of you who are wondering why UAW is so slow it’s because I release it every 20 days or so. I will increase the pace of this while reducing SGS.

As mentioned didn’t have much time to read ahead for UAW which means there might be a drop in quality like different terms from what anime used, the raw might also have some original errors that needs correcting to follow anime context as in the case of virus and poison/toxin. I do google the anime and look up wikis but there are definitely going to be some errors that I won’t be able to pick up so it’s up to the readers to point out the mistake so I can correct them. Where the novel diverge from the anime I will usually correct the terms to keep consistency with anime. In other words, ignore the novel, this might irk some reader but I feel this is the justice the original animes deserve and probably the author would have corrected them had someone told him as well.

Thank you for looking over the post and for pointing out the missing chapter, I honestly did not notice.