Not a chapter.

Ch11 of holistic fantasy is indeed missing and it’s an oversight on my part. Very sorry and I will translate ch11 asap and post it. It’s really busy irl so might need to wait until Saturday. Also those of you who are wondering why UAW is so slow it’s because I release it every 20 days or so. I will increase the pace of this while reducing SGS.

As mentioned didn’t have much time to read ahead for UAW which means there might be a drop in quality like different terms from what anime used, the raw might also have some original errors that needs correcting to follow anime context as in the case of virus and poison/toxin. I do google the anime and look up wikis but there are definitely going to be some errors that I won’t be able to pick up so it’s up to the readers to point out the mistake so I can correct them. Where the novel diverge from the anime I will usually correct the terms to keep consistency with anime. In other words, ignore the novel, this might irk some reader but I feel this is the justice the original animes deserve and probably the author would have corrected them had someone told him as well.

Thank you for looking over the post and for pointing out the missing chapter, I honestly did not notice.

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 89:The retreating spiders and the lurking group…

The battlefield didn’t change much despite the increasing mortality on both sides. It’s as though the more people died, the more intense they fought. Everywhere on that place, there are raging fights, shrieks from monsters, battle roar from the fighters, and inevitably, the death throes and sound of bodies hitting the ground…

On the side of the treasure hunting group, all the ones below tier 5 are practically dead, and those few tier 5 that pulled through with their relatively meager strength are starting to hit the bottom of their morale.

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