Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 161: There are actually multiple ways to threaten a young girl…

He’s not feeling guilty about messing up a 12-year-old girl like that. Quite the contrary, he felt pretty damn proud about it. Why? Because nobody in the original work managed to go as far as this did they?….

Kinuhata Saiai struggled for air like she just ran one round through Academy City. Kinuhata Saiai is surprised by herself. Normally, she wouldn’t be this haggard even if she went around doing missions while not eating or drinking for a day. How could she become this drained in just a few moments?

However, the two matters are completely different that’s for sure…

He toured her petite body once more just to engrave the aftertaste in his mind. He then placed her right next to Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou who were lying down nearby. He turned to them and smiled.

“Haven’t seen enough yet?”

Startled, Takitsubou Rikou quickly lowered her head while Frenda laughed in a bashful manner. She could see that Wu Yan doesn’t mean them any harm. That thought of hers, however, was quickly scrapped…

Wu Yan looked at Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou in turn before picking up Takitsubou Rikou and laying her down on his chest.

Takitsubou Rikou seemed to be surprised, her eyes looked at Wu Yan in a glazed over manner. She didn’t seem to have registered the fact that she is in his arms. Frenda had a frightening thought going through her mind after seeing Takitsubou Rikou’s “bad end”.

Crap, he’s not going to do that to all of us right…

Wu Yan looked into Takitsubou Rikou’s eyes and saw a hint of fatigue in it. He instantly deduced that to be the aftereffects of using Body Crystal, he also knew about the other negative side effects from using said enhancement…

Thinking about stuff like that, he examined her body and when he saw her magnificent grand peaks, his eyes got glued to that place.

He can’t help praising her.

“What a big pair of racks you’ve got here…”

This is the truth, her age shouldn’t be that old and yet she has this ridiculous pair of cans. Her flimsy jumpsuit isn’t enough to restrain the twin mountains, they perked up the jumpsuit like you wouldn’t believe.


Frenda instantly gave Wu Yan such a designation. However, she didn’t give Wu Yan this title when he was touching Kinuhata Saiai just now if Wu Yan were to know about this, he might even suspect there to be some bad blood between the two of them in the past…

Takitsubou Rikou returned to her senses after hearing Wu Yan say such a line. Seeing that he has his eyes on her breasts, she tried to shrink away from him.

He patted her surprised looking face and grinned.

“Ma. I can’t be so biased as to only give ‘tender love’ to that little girl…”

He reached out those evil hands of his while widening his palm as much as he could and grabbed those exquisite slabs of meat that had enchanted him.


She moaned or rather the moan leaked out from her. The sound was both small and low. Wu Yan can’t help exclaiming as expected of a sleepyhead, even when she’s moaning she didn’t forget to remind the audience what her moe points are…

His mind might be thinking about something but his hands are not showing any signs of slowing down. He even started using his fingers to give the pair of knockers a good massage or two…

A faint tinge of red appeared on her face giving her lethargic looking expression a slight hint of liveliness. She seemed even more captivating now. Under Wu Yan’s dexterous movements, Takitsubou Rikou seemed like she’s going to play her role as the sleepyhead to the very end. Besides the way her body undulates with Wu Yan’s teasing, she didn’t seem to be making any other movement.

Her eyes are slightly moistened but she didn’t close them. She kept staring at Wu Yan’s face as if to see past his disguise and remember his face…

His actions had already left a vague figure in this girl’s heart that didn’t seem to care about anything at all…

He is definitely into her hooters. It’s not that these hooters aren’t around him, Ikaros and Astrea have way bigger cans, it’s just that he never got to enjoy them. About the two girls he did actually bang, hmm well even if flat chests have their own charms, but as expected, something to grab onto would be nice…

Going off into his daydream, he grinned. After seeing some passion appearing in Takitsubou Rikou’s eyes, his hands moved and got rid of the clothes on her.

“Pl-please don’t…”

Takitsubou Rikou finally removed her eyes from his face. Her exposed body being feasted upon by Wu Yan’s eyes is really making her feel very uncomfortable. Due to the feeling of weakness in her body, she could only bashfully say that line.

He licked his lips and snickered.

“Ma, aren’t you cute…”

She flinched and looked at Wu Yan in an odd manner. Wu Yan can’t help feeling confused, did nobody tell her that she is cute?

Unknown to him, he is quite close to the truth…

Caressing her fair body, he can’t help piling on more praises on top of praises. Soon, he cast his eyes once more on those white rabbits on her body, and then he went to town massaging them!

She closed her eyes, not even her can resist gasping and moaning in a lovely way. Her mouth would move ever so often as she gasped for air while Wu Yan did his thing.

Taking this all in, he grinned in an evil manner. With a hand, he slid it down towards her lower regions…

On the side, Ikaros watched the show from the start until the finish. She looked at Kinuhata Saiai who got a very exciting learning experience and Takitsubou Rikou who is moaning in Wu Yan’s intimate embrace. She squeezed her boobs and…

“Master seems to like this sort of things…”

He sent Takitsubou Rikou up to heaven as well. He laid her fantastic body beside Kinuhata Saiai. While being glared at by her unwilling eyes, he turned to Frenda.

“Surely, you aren’t planning on…”

Even if Frenda already knew she’s going to fall into the devil’s claw. When it is about to happen, Frenda still can’t help panicking.

He didn’t answer her, he just gave her a wide smile. He then proceeded to strip her petite body bare while she screamed at the top of her lungs.

What happened next, of course, is another addition of a set of tender moans and gasps…

♦ ♦ ♦

Looking at the 3 girls who got sent to the peak of Mount Feel-Good, satisfied, he gladly accepted the 3 sets of complicated stares. He then took on a holier than thou tone with them.

“Ma, at least you girls learned a bit of obedience!”

This line earned him the leers from Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda. He ignored them and took out a camera from his item ring!

“Hey you, what are you super trying to do?”

Seeing him with the camera, the 3 young girls didn’t think about where the camera came from. Rather, the woman intuition in them told them that something very bad is going to happen.

“What else am I going to use a camera for if not for taking pictures!”

Their intuition did not fail them, Kinuhata Saiai started going nuts.

“You super pervert! I can super call it quits with you playing us like that but to think you would even want to super take some more pictures!”

“Ma, I can’t help it…”

Wu Yan shrugged as if he’s helpless before lifting the camera for them to see.

“This is to prevent you girls from saying unnecessary things to anyone else.”

He took in the grand scene of their bare and pristine bodies of all shapes and sizes. He smiled at the 3 girls who still looked pretty surprised.

“That’s why just accept your fates!”


Their screams accompanied a bunch of ‘kacha kacha’ sfx…

Seeing the looks of the 3 girls who looked like they wanted to die, he flaunted the pictures in his hand.

“3 dear Misses, do you girls know what is it that you have to report after going back to your organization?”

The 3 girls gnashed their teeth. Even Takitsubou Rikou had the same expression, this showed how Wu Yan had been [Redacted] in their hearts.

The 3 girls nodded albeit unwillingly. He also nodded in satisfaction before storing away the photos before walking over to Mugino Shizuri’s side…

Seeing their leader being stripped down like a helpless lamb followed by the sounds of ‘kacha kacha’, the 3 girls reached a sense of equilibrium in their hearts.

Even Mugino got her picture taken, we have no choice…

And that’s how they comforted themselves…


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On a certain street in Academy City, everyone is currently watching a male and female wrestling for control over a bag in the middle of the street….

“Throw that thing away!”

Mikoto with her face flaring red tugged with all her might as she shouted at Wu Yan to let go. It looks she’s going to have that bag of stuff if it’s the last thing she does.

“Never! This is a very important item, how can you just throw it away just like that!”

Wu Yan tugged at it super hard as well, his face is saying over-my-dead-body. Strangely enough, even when a tier 7 and tier 8 is pulling on it at both sides, the bag didn’t get rip apart, it’s a miracle is what it is…

“Wh-what do you mean by important item… it’s clearly a lewd item!”

Mikoto puckered her lips and she looked both bashful and angry at the same time.

It’s true that maid uniforms and aprons has great attraction power on males including  Wu Yan. Mikoto isn’t against the two articles as well but just the thought of him buying it makes Mikoto wish to dispose of those items.

Mikoto knows full well that he doesn’t have any weird collector’s fetish or anything like that. If he did, he wouldn’t be able to hide it from her who had spent intimate nights with him. And yet, he bought it without a second thought, what she gleaned from this is that this guy is up to something.

And what’s the purpose of clothing? To be worn. And given that Wu Yan have no fetish of cross dressing, what else could it be bought for?

A very sinister idea came to her out of nowhere. The more she thought about it the more she is unsettled by it.

I hope he’s not buying it  to make me wear them…

Mikoto endured the shame inside her and asked him. What she got was a grim silence from Wu Yan. It as at that moment that she knew, her guess was spot on!

And thus, we have this scene before us…

“This thing isn’t obscene, it’s very lovely!”

Wu Yan said in a self justifying manner much to Mikoto’s fury.

“Who cares about your definition of… lovely. Anyway, throw those things away!”

The red color on her face had already spread down to her neck. Her heart raced at the thought of being asked to wear the uniforms at his request in the future.

She pulled with all she got. Meanwhile, Wu Yan embraced the bag to make sure she doesn’t get her hands on it while trying to persuade her.

“Mikoto, calm down. These things really cannot be thrown away just like that, I have big ideas for them…”

“Big- your head is big, aren’t you just going to use it for… for…”

Her temperature sky rocketed and this made her very agitated.

After getting to know him, she would blush from time to time. Even when she got harassed by Kuroko in all sorts of ways, she never blushed more than when is with Wu Yan. He’s truly the bane of her in this sense…

Distracted for just a moment, she felt emptiness within her hands and turns out Wu Yan had already managed to snatch it away and with a quick flip of the hand, he stored them away in his item ring without caring about what the spectators would think. He threw a smug grin at Mikoto.

“You… hand those things over this instant!”

She stomped in fury. How she wish she could make him croak like a frog with her lightning. Too bad though, he’s not afraid of her lightning…

Wu Yan smiled and without replying to her question or handing over the clothing, he said to her in a meaning full manner.

“Don’t worry, Mikoto. I will only use them in the most special of circumstances, and I will be the only viewer who can see it, no other persons can see you wear them so don’t worry too much about it!”

With the cryptic way he put it, why wouldn’t she know what he meant by that. The temperature of her face increased again, so red in fact that it’s almost purple. Looking at his grin, she felt so shy that she buried her head while uttering ‘Awu’, maybe because she didn’t have the face to see anyone now.

Thinking about sexy time under the blankets with Mikoto and Hinagiku in the clothing he bought, flames of passion burned within him. When he saw how bashful Mikoto was, he got even more turned on.

With a quick flash of light passing through his eyes, he sneered in a very sinister and odd way. Railgun saw this and got bewildered.

“Why are you smiling in such a tacky way…”

For some reason, Mikoto felt chills going down her spine. It’s as though something especially bad is going to happen.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.”

Wu Yan hurriedly stopped his sneering and then coxed her.

“Alright, on to the next station!”

Mikoto answered him and conveniently forgot all about the clothing.

“Next stop? Where?”

“It’s a date so of course one can’t do without a trip to the cinema right?”

Wu Yan grinned. Mikoto grew shy yet again and Wu Yan didn’t know what to say. It appears the word “date” is very effective against Mikoto….

There are a lot of cinemas in Academy City. The film they were watching gradually lost its restrain until finally it’s a nasty scene of meat slamming meat wrestling. (Tl:     电影院,很多地方都有,学园都市的 第 153 章 越来越肆无忌惮,到了后面,已经直接演上了肉搏战了。Raws had a disconnect around the start of Academy City where it said “…chapter 153 of Academy City got more and more out of control and finally it’s a close quarter melee .” If anyone got a raw that isn’t broken let me know and I will fix the line as possible, until then it’s a guess translation based on context)


Mikoto’s jaw dropped, she couldn’t recover her senses due to what she’s seeing. With her innocent tolerance, when had she ever experienced anything like this?

The information she is receiving through her eyes couldn’t compare to the shock she is experiencing inside. She just couldn’t believe the day would come when she would watch an X rated film!

Suddenly, a hot hand found its way on top of her thighs, her body flinched, she didn’t even need to think about the owner of this hand, she already knows who it is. It is also at this moment that she realized what Wu Yan was plotting.

She turned to him in anger and embarrassment but before she could give him a piece of her mind. She saw the passionate eyes of the culprit and her heart jumped, the words she had prepared for him turned into ashes…

Caressing her thighs, he would put pressure into it from time to time making her flinch lightly. By the way, her figure isn’t that great, she’s just a girl around 14-15 years old so there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t up to par compared to an adult.

But, he had this strange thing for her thighs. Her skin is smooth and had a very pleasant touch to it, her thighs could be said to be a value adding part on her body. This softcore stuff isn’t going to satisfy him and sure enough his fingers slid into Mikoto’s skirt!

“Uu… You…”

Mikoto pressed down on her skirt to stop the advance of his hand. She was so embarrassed she could die, yet at the same time, she could feel her heart wavering intensely. She never thought there would come a day where she would be getting into intimate interaction with her loved one in public places.

Wu Yan’s series of actions are practically a test to see where her boundaries are. Her embarrassment value is almost through the heavens at this point but it’s too late for regrets now…

His finger moved and ignored Mikoto’s attempt to stop it. Employing unknown means, he managed to bypass her biking shorts, her lovely panties and got in her most private of places….


She lowered her head when the sensation from her lower region registered in her mind, telling her that her vajayjay is being invaded. She pressed down her skirt in a fluster while moaning.

“Mwuh… Yan… pl-please don’t… at least…. at least…. not here…”

Stirred by Wu Yan, her eyes were already moist and she had a very charming glint in her eyes. She moaned in a low tone and she almost allowed herself to fall into the pleasure she’s feeling.

Getting fingered by him in a place like this, Mikoto felt very strange. Her nerves are practically on fire and her body seemed to be even more sensitive than usual. She both liked and is scared of these feelings, she could only beg and hope that he would stop.

But, stop? Is that even possible?

While the people around them are unaware, a series of beautiful tone undulated in the world where only the two of them existed…

Chapter 151

The cinema’s entrance is closed by now, perhaps out of consideration for the viewers watching movies here. Not that it would matter much for the audience here anyway. In fact, they would like the place to be even more obscured in darkness so that they can get busy…

Even so, Mikoto still felt a bit tense, fearful that someone might notice the freak they got going on over here. It doesn’t matter which girl, they would still be nervous when they’re in the same shoe as her. But of course, like a lot of things, there are exceptions to this rule as well….

The plot of the movie they are watching is progressing nicely. By nicely, it meant that the atmosphere in the cinema just got a lot hotter. Wu Yan admits that he’s really turned on and horny this time…

Something like bringing Railgun to watch an X-rated film and then cop some feel is something that he had never considered before… And yet look at where we are now…

While he is amazed at himself for being able to pull off something like this, he felt his arousal growing out of control. Since this is a rare instance where he can unleash the beast within, Wu Yan is not going to let things end as it is…

His hand increased its speed and Mikoto’s face twitched in response. Her breathing increased as well, as a result of that she let out a rather large moan after losing control. She looked around frantically to see if anyone might have heard her.

“Hah…. Hah… Yan… please stop…. stop… touching me there…. I’m begging you…”

Mikoto was already a person who didn’t have much guts for this kind of stuff, not to mention they are currently in public space having something like this being done to her. If not because of the jolts of pleasure that would come from her sex assaulting her and dismissing the shame she’s feeling, she might have already ran off a long time ago.

Being fondled like this, it seems that something had already slipped past her. She forgot that in terms of strength she’s superior to Wu Yan….

Seeing her honest begging, he felt a strange sense of satisfaction. Under normal circumstances, Mikoto is both gallant and badass, to get her to beg him like this would be something of an achievement in itself. It’s only in this particular area that Wu Yan can best Mikoto. It’s only between the sheets that he can see the sight of her moaning and gasping for air in a sexy and coy manner…

However, in every encounter of the sexual kind, it would always end with his victory, this time is no different. Her begging signified that her fighting strength is now in the negatives…

He increased the pace at which he played her, her words that were about to come out begging for him to stop were replaced by the intense feeling she’s currently enraptured in. She reflexively covered her mouth with 1 hand while pressing down on her skirt with another hand. The moisture in her eyes seemed to be getting even more intense.

Noticing this, he moved his other hand which was awaiting orders, towards her chest. He feeled around with light taps. Then, he started massaging her boobs through her shirt.


As Wu Yan got even bolder and bolder, the panic and embarrassment Mikoto’s feeling also maxed out. Her body shuddered and twisted in quick spasms as Wu Yan watched in a surprise seeing his being sprayed wet! Mikoto cummed prematurely!

“Ugh… uh…”

At this point, Mikoto finally got the chance to breathe. She put down the hand covering her mouth and revealed a very enticing glazed over look with her luscious lips parted in the most alluring of ways. She looked like a victim who almost drowned gasping for air, her chest heaved up and down.

He shook his head while grinning. He never thought she would react with such sensitivity in a public place. The movie isn’t even half finished. They still had a long time left…

After pulling out his hand from within Mikoto’s skirt, he could see traces of liquid on his hand reflecting light even in this dark environment. His hand looked like it was dipped in spring water, it had a warm moisture that moved him…

Sneering, he cast his sight on Mikoto who still looked out of it. He showed her his hand and waved it.

“Mikoto, you bad little girl, how can you cum just like that…”

She pain stakingly turned to look at his hand, her face couldn’t get any redder when she saw it. She glared at him because she didn’t know how to even respond in a situation like this, her plan was to act as tough as she could.

Mikoto is very pissed at the moment. She never thought he would bring her out to do something like this, going to an X rated film and then screwing around in public space, this all made her feel so embarrassed.

However, anyone who saw her flushed, wavering and sexy look wouldn’t think she’s throwing a tantrum. They would think she’s super hot, and that’s what Wu Yan thought.

His eyes became as hot as his heart did, he hugged a very shocked Mikoto. Before she can react, he reached around her back and under her armpit to cup his hands on her breasts. He then gave them a might session of fondling….


Her heart raced again, his caress instantly destroyed any strength she managed to recover from the brief moment of rest. She became mellow in his embrace, and so the sound of someone suppressing their moans rang yet again…

“Stop, I beg of you…”

Although she knew the futility of begging, Mikoto can’t stay silent just like that. She squirmed using that body that just won’t listen to her command, trying to get away from Wu Yan’s embrace only to find that her body disobeyed her. This made her feel a sense of self loath.

While continuing what he’s doing with his hands, he rubbed his face against that sweet smelling hair of hers. He then laughed before whispering into her ears.

“Why not, you already had your fill of feel good, I haven’t even had my turn yet…”

She stared at him with jaw dropped in shock.

She then stuttered as she continued.

“Don’t-Don’t tell me you want to do that kind of thing here…”

Sticking out his tongue, he licked his slightly dry lips.

“What’s the big deal, it’s so dark here it’s not like anyone can see it!”

The audience here are mostly here for the movie. Shameless individuals like Wu Yan who would bring a girl here to do this and that isn’t non-existent but they are still very rare. The spectators were busy watching the movie from the start until now. Also, right now is still daytime so they aren’t that much people who watches this movie at this kind of time anyways. The spectators are few and far between and the two of them are seated in an inconspicuous area of the cinema with no one remotely near them. Adding all that together with the fact that the atmosphere inside here is darker to suit the nature of the film they are watching, if people didn’t come close enough they really wouldn’t notice what Wu Yan and Mikoto are doing.

Even so, with Mikoto’s personality, she wouldn’t say yes to this kind of preposterous explanation…

“No! Only this is a big no!” Her heart raced and Mikoto didn’t bother hiding her panic. She pushed back with all her might to get away from Wu Yan.

With a squeeze of his hand, Mikoto lost all his strength while yelping with a “Nn”. He then tried persuading her by saying.

“Good good, just this one time okay? Mikoto.”

One could question just how serious he was with that last statement of his.

“Noo! Mmpphh~~~”

Her refusal was immediately followed by a moan. He stuck his hands inside her shirt and started going to town with her chest.

“Let me go please, Yan…”

Her skin is already taking on a red tinge. She’s so embarrassed she could die, just by thinking about what he’s going to do with her, she felt like taking a big bite out of the guy.

“Come on, do this for me please… Mikoto…”

With an excited expression, he did something that made Mikoto tremble. He used one of his hand to reach into her skirt and slowly stripped her of her panties.


She pressed down on her skirt but one thing is for certain. Her zest is all but gone now. Soon, accompanying a light yelp from Mikoto, two undergarments of hers got stripped away and into Wu Yan’s space ring it went.

He then lifted her like a doll and straddled her on top of himself with her facing him. She shook her head furiously, wishing that the guy would get the hint and spare him from his gun. Alas, Wu Yan had already made up his mind on this and with a thrust, he entered her!

“Ah! Mnnn~~”

Getting hit by electricity, she arched her back backwards with head thrown back like a swan being shot by arrow. She then buried her head on one of his shoulder and she didn’t have the face to lift it to face anyone anymore.

Releasing a light breath, he relished the heavenly feeling and then started a piston motion while holding onto her body.

Waves of muffled cries rang beside his ears like melody…

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The antiserum can only be used once and the sample obtained cannot be replicated or reproduced in large quantities. That’s basically what Tadashi came here to say.

Feng Yu Chen is ruffled by this, it seems the System is restricting his ability. Everything is not as simple as it looks, if they can develop an antiserum that easily on a large scale then <> would lose its meaning. Plus, there’s another title above [Zombie Conqueror], the [Zombie annihilator], this should be the true title to rule them all.

To attain this title would require one to slay 10,000 zombies. Not as easy as it looks, Feng Yu Chen only has 2,000 kills under his belt leaving him with a little under 8,000 to go. This gives him without room to cry over spilt milk.

“What do you guys plan to do about it?”

Feng Yu Chen asked Tadashi.

Tadashi sighed before continuing.

“The people in the upper echelons think it would be best if you accept protection. If you still plan on fighting in that kind of state then the antiserum will only be available to important people to make sure they don’t turn into zombies…”

“That is impossible!”

Saya said.

“Senpai is our leader here, if he leaves then the morale would be affected a lot. Without Senpai’s protection, maybe even…”

Minami Rika nodded.

“All lives are equal. If the actions of the guys upstairs are merely of those who wants to cling on to life in fear of death, then they are already unqualified for their seats.”

Tadashi helplessly nodded before continuing.

“I understand what you guys are trying to say but I am here to negotiate. Recently, in addition to Japan, China, America and other countries knows of Feng Yu Chen’s importance. They are already debating like mad up there, I too the time here to discuss possible alternatives….”

Feng Yu Chen pinched his nose before continuing.

“You guys just want my blood. Every half a month I can provide some of my blood, but it won’t be more than what I require to sustain my bodily functions, surely you guys don’t want to kill the chicken to get the egg right? I don’t think you people would be foolish enough to resort to that kind of move.

That is to say, of the blood I provide every month, China would have to take their share since I am a Chinese and I have to oblige by my country. The rest of the extra blood can be distributed however the forces that be wants it to be. This way you can relax yeah? I only need to provide the blood for you guys to extract the antibodies. You guys don’t need the person specifically.”

Tadashi thought about and then he said.

“Okay, If it’s like this the guys from upstairs will compromise. I really must apologize, no one could have thought something like this could happen where the antiserum cannot be cloned….”

Takagi pushed up her glasses before continuing.

“I think it’s not because it can’t be cloned but because of other reason. Most likely it is because of senpai’s body constitution. His blood contains the antibodies and what you guys have been trying to do is clone his cells and not focusing on the antibodies itself. The reason why it doesn’t work is because I think that senpai’s body will produce the antibodies at intermittent time and after leaving senpai’s body, his blood will not produce the antibodies anymore.”

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

“That should be it, I think that’s most likely the situation. Alright, Mister Miyamoto, you can report back now. In a bit, I am going to get Marikawa the school nurse to take my blood. Come by once every half a month to get the blood, of course your part also has to give something in return, ammunition and guns, some medical supplies and also I want some wireless telephone, you guys should be able to fulfill these demands right?”

“Nn, no problem, we have those stuff. I’ve brought ammunition and guns with me this time just for you guys. If it’s anything that is within our power we would be able to deliver it.”

Tadashi said.

“Nn, well then I am going to get my blood drawn out, you wait here and chat with Rei, she missed you.”

Feng Yu Chen said.

“Alright, sorry for the trouble…”

Tadashi nodded.


After taking the blood and leaving the guns and ammos, Tadashi left their base and the base became peaceful once more. The new guns and ammo should bolster their defensive power.

Because he had blood drawn out of him, Feng Yu Chen didn’t join the night watch and thus he ate early and went to rest.

As the night went on, Asami walked down from her sentry point and switched duties with Rika. It’s her turn to rest now but when she entered the courtyard, her eyes can’t stop peering towards Feng Yu Chen’s room. Because of her increase in competence, Feng Yu Chen became closer with her and she became his right hand man. But she’s still beneath Busujima Saeko in terms of position, she has grown so much, at least she’s not the weak helpless woman from before.

Feng Yu Chen & co(Tl: author error here, he used Wu lin feng 武凌风他们) lived in the best house in the village, critical members all stayed in one place just in case. Asami’s abilities merited her a room to stay at here.

At this point, he wouldn’t reject me right…

Thinking along those lines, Asami came to Feng Yu Chen’s room and lightly opened the door, walked in and shut the door tight. She has made up her mind, she’s going to become his woman tonight…

She undid her lapel. the light reflecting off her silky white skin shined with a butter like gloss.Hersmall hands in front of her chest. This might be frivolous but she can’t stop herself anymore, if she doesn’t take the initiative, Feng Yu Chen would probably not get any closer to her because of Saeko’s existence. Feng Yu Chen would not do anything to destroy the relationship between him and Saeko even if Saeko doesn’t object, just in case she actually has some qualm, Feng Yu Chen would stop himself….

She had patiently waited for this day for so long…

With light steps, she came to his side and a blushing Asami snucked into Feng Yu Chen’s blanket….



Feng Yu Chen has cultivated a habit of high awareness. Even in his sleep he can instantly respond. when he felt someone getting close he instantly got up and pinned the invader to the ground…

But the warmth radiating from inside his hand made him flinch.

Asami… she’s, nude. What is she doing here?

“I want to be your woman, take me?”

Asami entranced, looked feverishly into Feng Yu Chen’s eyes.

“I can’t wait anymore, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about us. I will be very obedient, if you accept me, I will do anything…”


Truth be said, Feng Yu Chen had never tasted a woman before. When he’s with Saeko, he feels like eh should be focusing on building up the feelings, doing those kinds of things too early is not perfect. Asami’s state at the moment has completely made his blood boil….

Chapter 41

Asami’s sudden approach got Feng Yu Chen boiling in passion. Like a dry stick making contact with hot fire, the result is an instant zing.

A woman offering everything she has, even a stone cold man would soften up. This could be said to apply to Feng Yu Chen as well, he can’t reject her advances, not this time.

Although Feng Yu Chen didn’t really notice Asami at first due to his impression of her in the source anime: weak willed personality, her harmful altruism, and inability to grasp the situation. But after seeing her transformation into her present state, he could see just how much her resolve was.

A person can grow, a person can go through a metamorphosis, Asami shed her weaknesses for him. He’s very moved by this, very moved by the fact that love can make a person resolve to something and then thoroughly change said person, lending strength to a person so that she may grow stronger.

Feng Yu Chen fondled her soft and bouncy twins before propping her up and against him and then laying claim to her crimson red lips.


Asami relaxed her body and embraced Feng Yu Chen. She knows that Feng Yu Chen isn’t wavering, yes that’s right, he has let go of himself. This proved that her effort getting here wasn’t in vain. All those time she spent mastering the gun, pushing herself to grow stronger. There was no why, there was no reason for her to fail as well….

Under these kind of circumstances, Asami got stronger and yes did she grow strong. She probably wasn’t even aware herself how actualization got her here. But she pulled it off anyway.

After getting stronger, she realized something, her improvement will only get Feng Yu Chen to look at her in a different light but so long as Saeko is by his side, he will never desire her. Hence, she must approach him herself. Yes for her happiness she will seize it herself. It turns out she nailed it, Feng Yu Chen accepted her…

“Give it to me…”

Clamping down on his shoulder, Asami lightly bit down on her lips as she whispered into his ears…

Feng Yu Chen didn’t hesitate and with a mighty push, the two joined together. At this very moment, Feng Yu Chen fell into deep ecstasy. He’s now aware of the beauty in being a man now.

“Mmhh… ahhh…”

A brief session of pain and following that a series of impact came from down there. The pleasure of being a woman was engraved into her body and soul with each thrust. Her dreamboat is literally within her arms, she also had a deeper understanding of the man and they are now entwined…

♦ ♦ ♦

Outside Feng Yu Chen’s door, Saeko sat on the ground with her katana. Her eyes are as cold as a frigid hell. Honestly, she would like nothing more than to go in and kill Asami, the urge to do so is very very strong right now!

She’s a very strong woman, only when she’s with Feng Yu Chen would she show her tender side, she does this because he’s her man, and she knows he loves her as well…

Somewhere along the way, Saeko had already felt Asami’s emotions. Those eyes she had when looking at Feng Yu Chen were filled with warmth. However, Saeko understands her excellence, she believes her outstanding status as a woman will never lose out to anyone, never!

Along the way, Feng Yu Chen also gave her the most attention so she understands how entranced Feng Yu Chen is with her.

Maybe she thinks this is enough. Asami can’t get between them and Feng Yu Chen wouldn’t dump her for Asami.

But, but that Asami and her giant balls! Saeko never thought she would have such a pair!

Aa, I underestimated her…

If not for Marikawa Shizuka’s warning, Saeko might not have discovered Asami’s transgression…

♦ ♦ ♦

A few minutes ago…

Saeko was about to take her post and patrol and she saw Shizuka walking out from one side mumbling something along the lines of:”Oh… Did I see wrong? Miss Asami just entered Little Feng’s room, my oh my eye problems at this age?”

Saeko who was just passing by instantly had a bad feeling. Thinking bad for a bit, Asami certainly should be returning from her shift at this time, what Shizuka said could indeed be true and not because she had dimmed eyesight…

She hurried over to his room while equipped with her katana. But when she arrived, sound of relaxed or coarse pants would intermittently ring out. It was a mix of both male and female. Even if it was the stupidest girl in the world, she would surely know what is going on.

Truth be said, Saeko had the impulse to go in there and cut down Asami. But if she did so, what then? What will Feng Yu Chen think of her?

Pondering over this, Saeko chose to remain outside the door, it’s too late to stop it now. It’s because she was too ignorant, Feng Yu Chen wouldn’t change his mind about her but that wouldn’t stop Asami from knocking on his doors. That and the fact that Feng Yu Chen was a very hot blooded bloke meant that this was an expected result…

The gasps slowed down to a halt and the door slowly opened. Asami walked out from within, her bloodshot eyes met with the icy cold eyes of Saeko. She instantly fell down on her knees with pale face…

“You little… Very well, quite frankly I want to kill you but a decision like that should be made by my husband. I am his woman and I shouldn’t overstep my boundary. If he chooses to accept you then I will do the same because I love him and will concede everything to him…”

Saeko said while pressing her hands a against her chest. She’s enduring, trying her hardest to endure…

“I’m sorry…. I truly am but I can’t help it. I couldn’t stop myself not after being saved by him and given freedom…. I didn’t want it. Why is your image appearing in every corner of his heart, even when he’s doing it with me, he screamed your name!!!”

Asami broke down crying on the floor.

With such a big fight outside, Feng Yu Chen who was inside naturally could not sit still. Seriously, screw this. Since everyone lives in this big place anyway, they are going to see each other very often from here on out, the cat’s out of the bag and Saeko sniffed Asami out.

“Saeko, I don’t know how to apologize to you…”

Feng Yu Chen sighed awkwardly.

“I just couldn’t control my emotions and ended up doing such a deed….”

Saeko shook her head. She placed her head on Feng Yu Chen’s chest and wrapped her arms around him while consoling him.

“Nn, it’s okay, I know what you feel deep inside and what your body says doesn’t match up with your heart. I will pretend nothing happened here today and won’t hold it against you. I didn’t take the initiative myself as well, if I had joined you sooner, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”


Feng Yu Chen was moved. What a fine woman, with a woman like her what more could he ask for?

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 160: Training in progress…

Kinuhata Saiai turned green, then white and finally red when she heard what  Wu Yan said. Her mouth kept opening and closing but no words came out.

Wu Yan grinned at her and placed his hand on her belly. He fondled her with her clothes as the only separation between him and her skin. He made sure she can feel him caressing her as he blew air past her ears.

“You tell me, where should I begin hmm?…”

“Noooo! You super must not~~~”

Kinuhata Saiai panicked and as much as she wanted to shake her head, she didn’t have the strength to do so. With her back facing Wu Yan, she can’t see his expression and she can only cry out like that on the ground while narrowing her eyes.


Wu Yan smiled.

“If you won’t say it, I guess I will just have to decide for you!”

His big hands started gradually moving up along her shirt. She felt her movement and her small heart started racing. At the spur of the moment, she became unable to react.

Even if a journey is far and tedious, if one knew how to walk then arriving at the destination is just a matter of time. Plus, between her chest and her belly, with her tiny frame, how far could the journey be?

He started rubbing her soft and petite boobies under the trembling “welcome” of the modest twin hills.

Kinuhata Saiai blushed a crimson red. Nobody ever touched that place before, now that place of hers that even she herself didn’t touch much is under the palms of another man. Her brain had a short circuit from thinking about this.

Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou flushed deep red and stared in deep shock at what is happening before them. The present situation is too exciting for them to process…

But of course, they are slightly curious as well judging by how they kept sneaking a peek from the corners of their eyes at Wu Yan and Kinuhata Saiai….

Right now, Wu Yan’s other hand started finding its way onto Kinuhata Saiai’s seductive thighs. He started rubbing her thighs and his hand that is busy teasing her petite chest sped up further. Kinuhata Saiai started uttering muffled “Ngh Nmh” sounds as a result.

While still fondling her, he sighed.

“And you say you’re not a little girl, just look at your size, haiz…”

“Ha~~ If you’re that disappointed~~mgh~~then don’t super touc~~ huuhuu….”

Kinuhata Saiai really detested the term little girl, even while one of her citadels got conquered, she still can put up a protest despite blushing and moaning.

“Ma. Although your size is a bit of a letdown, let’s see if the aspects are okay…”

Her glazed over eyes had a hint of confusion when she heard him but soon enough she didn’t even have the spare capacity to think about it…

He removed the hand he placed on her chest and returned his hand to her belly. Under her surprised expression, he lifted up her shirt and his hand crept in.

“Super nooo! Ugh~~”

Her moans escaped after her protest. What followed those moans are more moans…

He inserted her 2 hands into her clothes and started feeling her up. He opened his palms and gave them titties a good squeezing. He has got to admit though her hooters are small, they are smooth and soft, quite pleasing to the touch…

“Uu~~ sniffle~~ You super~~ hentai~~”

Kinuhata Saiai can feel the heat coming from Wu Yan’s big palms, they were transmitted to her through the point of contact and her heart throbbed as she fell into the deep embrace of a mysterious sensation.

The moans escaping her made her feel very bashful just by hearing them. She couldn’t believe these kind of sounds are coming out from her…

Wu Yan narrowed her eyes and glanced at the figure that would move up and down along with his movements before whispering into her ears.

“Oh? Could it be that you’re not enjoying this?”

“Wh-who would… enjoy this.. Uugh~~Even if it’s a super good feeling…”

She stuttered along her lines as she closed her eyes. That’s because she felt that talking is becoming even more difficult.

“You don’t like it huh, well then…”

Removing one hand, he caressed her thighs and moved upwards and inwards.

“How about here?”

“Ugh… You super can’t touch there…”

Putting up a feeble resistance, she failed to stop his advancement and the hand reached the innermost part of her inner thighs, he then gave it a mighty push.

“Uwa! That’s a su-super low blow…”

Kinuhata Saiai opened her eyes in a hurry and revealed a pair of moist eyes.

Wu Yan snickered, he then saw Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou collapsed not far away from them. He saw them peeking at them and he had an idea. Promptly, he removed his hands. With the invading objects gone, Kinuhata Saiai let out a sigh of relief but she can’t explain the vague feeling of reluctance in her heart. But, what happened next froze her and turned dismissed that feeling of reluctance.


Before she can do anything, her clothing started coming off. He stripped her bare in lightning quick motions until she’s nothing but a bare young lamb ready for the slaughter.

“I-I super knew it. You super lewd animal, of course you super wouldn’t let me go, so you’ve finally super lost your control. Uuuu, I am about to be defiled by a super lolicon…”

Without the strength to even cover up herself, she lamented like a poor little lamb she is. He felt his lips twitching and even his viewing pleasure decreased significantly. He reached towards the innermost region of her thighs and he slightly stuck his finger in!

“Mgh! Nn~~”

Kinuhata Saiai who howled sadly now had an odd blush to her rippling expression. Her moans didn’t stop at just this as her tender moans started filling the area…

Wu Yan didn’t lose control like she said. He didn’t have the heart to devour these 3 girls who he just met today. This time, it was more punishment than anything.

Of course, any normal person would call giving them who he just met today this level of teasing is just plain shameless..

He moved his hand up and down her body, caressing here and there. His other hand would tease away at a certain exciting place. He appeared very diligent in his teasing. Having never encountered this kind of feelings before, Kinuhata Saiai got fondled so hard she started going into fits of pleasure with the skills Wu Yan learned from practicing on Mikoto and Hinagiku. Pleasure started transmitting to every part of her body, she felt both drunk and deeply entrenched in the feeling.

Jolts of electricity would knock on the door to her heart. Every time it hit, she would panic and as Wu Yan started becoming even more vigorous, this intense feeling of being electrified would grow stronger and stronger just as the door to her heart started growing weaker and weaker.

Finally, an unknown surge of feeling hit her and she opened her eyes wide. She was filled with surprise, her body is now tinged with lustrous shades of pink. A sudden feeling of leaking shook her heart to its core!

“Wait wait… I super said wait~~~”

Kinuhata Saiai is very afraid of this sensation. It’s like she’s floating in midair with no thrust and no ability to fly, she felt like she could fall down intensely any moment now and her lips started trembling.

He had seen this happening on Mikoto countless times before. How can Wu Yan not know what is happening? He ignored her resistance and increased his speed even further!

“Uuuu~~ Ughhh~ Nhhh~~ Wah!!!”

It sounded like a mix of scream of both pain and pleasure, a paradoxical sound came out of her mouth unbridled even if she tried to do so. As she cried out, a feeling of intense rapture hit her like a storm!


She fell down from heaven and back into her body. She closed her eyes while still letting out weak whimper escape from her lips like she’s still recalling what just happened. And then, she lost her senses for quite some time…

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