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A feather represents a world!
This is but a world within a fantasy!
No! Rather, its fantasies existing within worlds!
Alas, there are balanced worlds, and there are worlds on verge of collapse…
Watch as the protagonist leave his footsteps, his legends, and the fated encounters with various young ladies he charts down in these seemingly normal epics…

Personal summary: Same author as shoujo grand summoning, 2200 chapters. Story about a healer of worlds, going from worlds to worlds and well, heal worlds. From what I have seen the setting seem to be more serious. Will update my summary as I read ahead.

Edit as of 100+ch into raws: Hmm…might need more asskicking scenes but harem’s definitely in there. Characters seem the same for most and minor changes to some, he’s definitely OP but I find his endeavour to not reveal his opness contrived, Noah seems too level headed for someone who has mental age of teenager. Still waiting for 18+ stuff to happen.

Hey what the fuck, where new chapters at? I heard there’s a new chap out but it’s not on NU! ctrl+ f categories > sgs=shoujo grand summoning uaw=unlimited anime works hf= holistic fantasy. OMG, it’s still not there. Yeah it’s there, right next to the ability to see into the future ahahaha.

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 0: Born within a white dreamland

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 1: Fairy Tail

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 2: The red haired girl who can’t fit in.

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 3: 1 year of focused training

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 4: The request that’s not quite liked

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 5: The team composition chosen by Makarov

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 6: Confrontational and bad relationship

Holistic Fantasy Chapter 7: To see those by your side