Migrating over to ebisu translation.

dark/light theme switch

automated chapter navigation links.

automated toc chapter updating.

Many other benefits.

Price: My soul to the tech overlords.

Btw just made my first post and page over there so ya’ll might wanna check it out. Having said that, this site may still be used for posting nsfw chapters. Not much is going to change except some stuff might be wonky but should be fixed in no time. Not by me tho, by this guy total perv by the way so send him money to buy doujins or links to teehees if you know what i mean.


Holistic Fantasy Chapter 41: Godly magic power control

Tl: Btw, gonna migrate over to ebisu translation over the next few days. They got automated chappie navigation, ToC clicky, and dark/light theme easy switching feature (I know some of you kept saying how the dark theme is blinding you in broad daylight)

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