Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 30: First summon! Super railgun arrives at the scene!

Night time, at the Hinagiku household…

Even since they came back, Kaichou-sama has been hiding inside her room and wouldn’t come out no matter what.

Even though during dinner time, using delicious dishes as bait she still won’t open her door.

Come on now, really?…

Wu Yan is currently muttering about how ridiculous she’s being.  Despite it being her first time was there really a need to over react like this? It was his first time as well but his heart just happened to beat a bit faster, blushed a bit, a bit embarrassed sure but did she really have to avoid looking at him?

Now this is plainly just him standing and talking thus not hurting his waist, Kaichou-sama is very pure, not a single person has ever touched her hands in these past 15 years. Now, the first kiss she has been saving for many years gone just like that, as a pure young lady like no other this is expected.

And she dodged a bullet by doing so as well. What with him planning on ‘training’ her.

Since there’s not much point sticking around outside her room, he might as well go back to his room to eat by himself. She will definitely come out tomorrow when the journey officially begins.

Yes, he’s planning to bring her along!

If anything, it’s because he didn’t want to be apart from her. The two are currently in the stage where they’re basking in the sweet warmness before being completely infatuated with each other…

To avoid putting her in undue danger, he had to put down some counter measures that’s for sure.

Right now, he’s conversing with system inside his room.

“System, if i were leave this world, how to bring someone else outside?”

This is a very important question for him, if this issue can’t be resolved with satisfaction he might just stay, who knows..

“To bring a person out of this world, one only needs to pay a certain amount of Sp after arriving at Silvaria to summon the target.”

Besides him (Tl: this includes his summon as well, but only said so in later part of series) no one can hear the system’s voice as it explained without hesitation.


Frowning he continued.

“If it’s like that then is the summoned individual the same one I know?”

“Each summon in the menu is unique in that there’s only ever one, the one you summon can only be that one and no more than one!”

“That so?”

He retored

“So if I were to summon a character, what if she turns out to be the one before I knew her.”

“That would be impossible, when user arrives in Silvaria, every transcript worlds are in a frozen state so for example in the anime world, if user were to summon one character he has never met before then that summon would be the one that existed a day before the arc in that world started.”


Nodding in comprehension, so basically the summons are all existing in a state a day before the arc in their worlds begin. He should take note of this lest summoning a certain character that has went Altered (Tl: probably reference to alter saber), then he would really be in for it then.

“What if it’s an individual I have met before? Like for instance the characters in this world?”

“If the user had field practice in a certain transcript world, upon return to Silvaria the transcript world will stop at the precise moment user left it and the summoned individual would be in the state where it was frozen.”

Amused by this he laughed.

“So what you’re saying is that if I leave this world then the time here will stop and any character I summoned for instance Hinagiku would be summoned as is from the room she’s hiding in right now yes?”

“Certainly, but be warned, a menu only ever have one character and no more than one may exist at any one time, the time of summon may differ (Tl: a day before arc or the moment when he leave the world), but they will not be the exact same character individual summon! Please choose your summons wisely!”

“System there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask, the characters I have summoned, in what way do they differ from the originals?”

He had always took a nonchalant attitude to summoning back then because he’s still weak as shit. But now that he’s stronger, his passion burned once more and now is the time to summon his first summon.

level 30 is nothing to certain over powered anime characters, but at least he’s not so ridiculously overwhelmingly bottom of the tier weak….

“The summons are exactly the same (Tl:copy) of the originals, it’s just that once they’re summoned their life would be connected with the user!”

“What do you mean by that?”

“When the user summon characters, said character’s life no longer belongs to them and belongs with the user, they merge together and when the user dies so too will the summons, if the user didn’t die then even if the summons die the user can give it a second chance to live inside his body!”

“inside body!”

Feeling a chill run down his spine he wryly laughed while his scalp began to itch.

“System, surely you’re not asking me to give birth to dead characters.”


‘boom’ goes the sound inside his brain, now he feels like the heaven fell down and the earth crumbled away leaving a stupefied face so stupid it can scare the shit out of any kid. It feels like his soul went poof and he turned into a vegetable, opening and closing his mouth, lord knows what he’s blabbering about.

“This isn’t real.. this isn’t real… this isn’t real…”

Repeating the same line like a broken machine his voice sounded so anguishing.

“So to say, if my summons died, then I would have to become the creator, is this what you  are saying?”

With a broken down smile he walked towards the window, if the system affirm his suspicion then he would jump out of the window head down in the hopes that it would erase this part of the conversation.

“When the summon dies, he or she will use the lifeforce in the user to begin their revival, not through impregnation, an analogy would be binary fission to give birth to it.”

His broken smile instantly disappeared and he slammed the window shut before picking up the cup of joe on his table and sipping it like a sir as if the thing before didn’t even made rustle him.

You lost your pacing… (Tl: even funnier if you know the truth behind system.)

At least he received a good news, as long as he didn’t die then his summon would never die as well!

“Is there any flaw with the revived summons?”

“User needs topay half the amount of initial Sp amount to revive summons!”

“Yeap, called it, it sounded too good to be true!”

Posing like he saw it from miles away, it’s not the first time he has to deal with how the system has absolutely no integrity, he’s schooled on numerous occasion already.

“So half of initial Sp is the price of revival, that is to say 10,000  summon would require 5,000 that correct?”

“Yes! Also, the summon will share the same leveling system as user, other than these 2 items to take note of there’s not much difference of note between summons and originals, please be at ease!”

“Leveling system”

He stopped his coffee sipping and pursued the system.

“Please elaborate!”

“The summons will share the leveling system with the user, which means they can in a way similar to the user, defeat/hunt/kill mobs to increase the user and summons’ levels through experience points.”

“No fucking way!”

Jumping up from his seat.

“So to say, if my summon killed a mob, I will get half the experience points, something like that?”

“No, user and summons alike will obtain the full exp!” (Tl: step 1 summon lots of cheap ass summon step 2 send em out to various low level area in giant beast forest before moving encircling center along with increase in levels step 3 …. step 4 profit)

Astounded by the bombshell he just went silent.

“Hypothetically speaking if my summons went farming, I would also get the same experience points as them?”

“That is correct!”

Now he felt like beating himself, he would have summoned if he had knowledge of this before, he won’t have to go through the giant beast forest living a solitary life, unaccompanied by a soul.

Given another chance to do it over, he would probably have made the same choice, with that tasteless pride of him….

Opening the menu he quickly located Hinagiku on the list.

To prevent anything unexpected from happening he would be wise to turn Hinagiku into his summon first and foremost at least then he would be able to revive her if shit went south, at that point he just have to make sure he survives.

Then there’s the experience points sharing system when she would get the same amount if he killed some mobs, isn’t that basically power leveling, and when she reached ahigh enough level  then he would garnered himself a very strong ally, the chances of securing the jewel of heavenly palace would increase substantially as well.

What he didn’t expect however is that the option for her is grey and unclickable!

“System, what the fuck? Why’s it all grey?”

Agitated by this he shouted at the system, the conversation before were done telepathically but he voiced this one out showing just how alarmed he is.

If he can’t summon Hinagiku….

“Reminder, if user resides in a summon’s world, the summons belonging to that world can’t be summoned, only when user exist will summoning be possible!”

Listening to its explanation he heaved a sigh and then another, with this his plans went right into dustbin.

“system what if a ceratin summon died before summoning, will I still be able to summon her?”

“Reminder, once the individual died then summoning will no longer be possible. Let it be known once more that there’s only ever one of each summon, in case of a world where user has never gone into before the user can only summon characters still existing a day before arc begins. In case of when the user went into transcript world then if said character died, then said individual will never ever be able to be summoned!”

A thunder went through his body and a brilliant, resolute light went through his eyes.

He must absolutely protect Hinagiku and make sure nothing happens to her tomorrow!

With thoughts like this he went through the menu once more.

He might be able to defend himself but Hinagiku’s just too weak….

It doesn’t matter if he requred one more helping hand or to protect her but he must summon a character this time.

And it must kick ass!

So he browsed through the menu, it is set in stone inside his mind that he would only ever summon those moe moe 2D shoujos. And since he just started his thing with Hinagiku, the shoujo must be chosen prudently for example, comptaible with her personality.

What’s the personality of Hinagiku? In essence, tsundere, competitive, masculine, she even wears a bicycle shorts underneath her skirt.

Since the summon has to fit Hinagiku’s personality then firstly the age must not be too wide. Furthermore, she has to have compatible personality or rather moe points!

Tsundere, competitive, masculine, not much difference inage, kick ass, and modesty shorts.

In his mind, there’s only one candidate!

Mikoto Misaka: magical index and scientific railgun’s character (Tl: which begs the question what if the character exist in more than one world, which version would be summoned?), the number 3 of 7 lv5 espers in the whole Academy City;
70’000 Summoning points!

Clicking the ‘summon’ button, a radiant light flashed and soon a tea colored hair cool looking girl was constructed slowly within the brilliant light.

Super railgun! Mikoto Misaka, at the scene!

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  1. ” She will definitelyc ome out”
    definitely come

    SummonINg or Summon

    “So to say, if my summons died, then I would have to become and become the creator, this what you saying?”
    to become and become??

    “Certainly, but be warned, a menu only ever have one character and no more than one may exist at any one time, the time of summon may differ (Tl: a day before arc or the moment when he leave the world), but they will not be the exact same character individual summon! Please choose your summons wisely!”
    I did not understand this can someone please be kind enough to explain ( for instance inconnue-san?)



    • fixed and also reread the raws to make sure I didn’t miss anything.
      Ok so it’s like this. wu yan is trying to confirm that if he did summon a character would the character be the one he knows, more specifically what version would the character be.
      The system then pointed out that it is a binary outcome. There are no 2 same characters. For instance, there can only be one hinagiku that he can summon and the version of that hinagiku will stay the same after summoning and reviving. It all depends on mostly the transcript world itself (I am not clear whether or not this rule applies to all the series or just that one season of an anime, not explicitly dealt with as far as i can remember), in this case hayate no gotoku. So the hinagiku that he can summon is either:
      1. hinagiku a day before the anime begins.
      2. hinagiku after he has entered and left the world (in this case he interacted with her)
      notice that this depends on whether he has entered and subsequently interacted with her.
      If he entered for a week and has not ineracted with her and summoned her when he left. According to the system’s rule. He would have summoned hinagiku 6 days into the anime, who probably wouldn’t know who he is (before system inputs information into her anyway.)
      Again, this is all made up by the author so my interpretation could be wrong.


  2. So if when Wu Yan leaves this world, he wouldn’t be summoning the ‘true’ Hinagiku, but a ‘perfect copy’? Do I have it right? Not the one he’s conquering right now?


  3. Sigh, of all the characters he could get, why Mikoto? I really don’t like her, and there were a shitton of better ones even from the Index verse.

    Thanks for the chapter by the way.

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  4. I started to have a question to the Author, how would the summoned shoujo see the MC?
    I hope this question would be answered on the next chapter.
    Like, would the summoned shoujo suddenly feel like “What happened? I was just doing (bla bla bla) then suddenly I am in front of this guy here. How do I get here, what is happening?” those kind of questioning feeling, or more like they are somehow informed by the system during the summoning process that the MC would be their master and they are summoned, etc, etc.

    And what happen to MC that is summoned and then died, but not revived, and MC enter their anime story?
    Example, if they MC summoned Nami from One Piece, then Nami dies, and the MC join the One Piece story line, does the character Nami still exists in that storyline?

    So much more question.
    This chapter is freaking adding too much question to readers.

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    • That is why I translated one of the author rant in one of the chapter I think the first chap of coming to hayate combat butler world, the author says he won’t be following plotline of original story. For instance, Hinagiku was supposed to save the cat on tree not hayate. The introduction of Wu Yan as a character changed storyline, it isn’t said specifically but going by the logic that story could deviate from original based on author whim it would see in your example if that did happen author would have written a slightly different story, how different is up to debate since we don’t know.
      I would however agree that the explanation were kinda half assed, author basically said characters were told enough to smooth the plotline along but not so much as to create plotholes down the road. This is a more well written story than you would think.
      There are many more examples down the road, in fact I don’t think there’s ever one arc where the story didn’t deviate from original.
      Basically, character dying before arc occurs is not that big a question, the real question is how much the story changed.

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  5. So what happens if he summons a shoujo but then enters her world? could he still go into their world or would it be then impossible to enter their world? Not sure if it cleared this up or I just missed it,


    • These are the rules of summons:
      Summons can be revived
      Summons are unique so if they die before getting summoned revival or summoning would be impossible.
      Summons are not able to be summoned whilst still in their world.
      Now I might have missed some rules or cannot reveal for spoiler reasons .
      But regarding your question it is somewhat implied but not stated explicitly. He can enter the world of the summons he currently has. What would happen to the character in this world then? Well the character is summoned out of their time froze world so when he enters she would retain memories aftr summoning and presumable go back in her before summon position. Your question will be answered in the second world if I recall correctly which is magic index

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      • So for short tl-sensei is that biribiri-chii will get stronger with the s*itty MC so when tsun tsun Accelerator battle with her there will be no riajuu Touma will rescue that may lead Accelerator’s death or crippling and there will be no guardian to the sister’s unless our MC can convince the guy huh~

        Oh question if like for example Biribiri-chi will live in the other world for lets say 5 years causing her to age when they return to the toaru series will she return to her youth or not? Also its impossible to do the loophole of saving them when their in danger in their home world by metatasis-like of summon huh~


      • Hmm… not sure if the series expanded on the youth part but it’s my understanding that their lives are connected to him and should imply that their relative youth should be preserved throughout this series as well. Also because he sometimes go into other worlds without certain summons the time for each one runs differently. Mostly however, at few points in this series I think it’s mentioned that there’s rejuvenation potion or lotion in the item menu of system so…
        Basically I think we can conclude that even if they did grow, assuming they did, there would be ways to return them to their youth. I can’t reveal what happens to the sister because it’s dealt with in this series including accelolirator.


      • Lol poor acce’loli’rator haha still it would make me feel bad if the lolic-*cough* I mean bada*s guardian die’s or not be converted as non-bully still wish tho that when he became the guardian he will not be crippled like the one in the original work

        Also question is that does his summon has the capability to use the system’s store cause it would be b*da** if Kaichou-sama learns how to use dou qi lol. Also if based in your ‘comment’ in a recent old chap that the summons can speak with the system there’s a possibility that they learn that their from an anime – designed plane of existance.

        Still hype for the upcoming reaction of Biribiri’s summon what will be our s*itty MC’s excuse? Will he desguise as a lvl 6 esper that used his ability to summon her? Tell the truth? Or desguise as a summoner from another world that used magic? Maybe act ignorantly lol.

        Still depressed that you release time is too early in the morning for me lol like 1-3 am and due to my s*tty attitude I feel that even if there’s school in real life I feel that I would still read a fresh chap. even with the consequences of being super late lol still salute you for tl-ing this great work that seemed to be excessively poured with all the frustration and anger of the author towards these kinds of lucky p*cks lol haha~


      • 1. In later chapters your question will be answered. At this point it has not been clearly pointed out
        2. Again your question of system usage will be revealed in later chapters.
        3. No, they don’t seem to know they’re a perfect copy of original. They do however know that they were summoned from their world.
        4. I actually translated forward and these chapters are scheduled since about a week now, that’s why ToC is not updated constantly, I update them on sundays. Also my scheduled chapters are released at first moment of each day gmt+8, 12:00am. In fact, I’m working on one at the time of this writing (c36). And I feel it would be better if you focus more on not being to school than this novel, novel can wait but assignments have deadlines. I appreciate the notion of can’t wait though.


      • *sigh* thats what made of who I am a person who can barely control he’s desires ( important reason *excuse* that Im still single….) and I had a strange constitution that gets sleepy if everyone around me is strangely serious or when Im in school/church(wonder why) and I become hyperactive when I follow my desires like a rabbit and causing me to experience what would happen when I opened the window after I binge watched One Piece in one of my summer vecation(and I regret nothing~) … So Yeah Im a s*itty bas*ard who salutes and commeneds your translation lol~

        Aaand~ I feel more alive by reading your translation(and Ill seriously k*ll the b*stard who might make me curious of the raws causing me to use google translate lol) and I kind of not have good opinion of schools so yeah >.>


    • Not quite. The drama preserving handicap need not be limited to one person. Wu yàn doesn’t like hiding behind his girl because that’s weak. Unless it’s an enemy he absolutely can’t handle he won’t let her. It’s also briefly mentioned during this chapter that the main reason he summoned her is for insurance purposes.


  6. Thank you for translating this novel, I really like it and it’s getting me pumped for the future! To think that there are more than 2000 chapters 😀 Good work!


  7. Yoooshhhaaa!!!! Safety pants arrived and might be banged by this s*itty MC F*CK!! *slams head in a table* oh and I failed in my guess but still wish that Misaka-chii can protect herself from this s*itty bast*rd till the end of story(which may not be possible)

    Still I wish the system will ‘gracefully’ drop him into Gintama and we will see who will die of C*py writ*s first this s*itty bas*ard or Gin-chan~

    Still thanks for the chap (S) tl-san~


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